Craig has worked in the sports nutrition field for the past 30 years as a CEO & global broker managing sales teams, product development, and marketing. Craig’s love for card games began with his parents. He dominated the monthly five-card stud poker game during high school. At least that’s the way he remembers it. For twelve years, he was a regular columnist and feature contributor to the world’s leading poker magazine – Card Player. Craig was also a frequent contributor to covering the poker world. 


Chadwick has a 15-year poker industry career as Creative Director and brand manager for some of the biggest names in the business, including Full Contact Poker, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, WSOP Academy, Poker Royalty, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, among others. In addition to his work in the poker industry, Chadwick is the Founder & CEO of the DaVinci International Film Festival and owner/Executive Producer at Veritas Film & Television.


Trey is a 30-year media veteran with extensive experience in broadcast, digital and social media for NBC, MSNBC, Fox Sports, and Rivals/Yahoo Sports. As a Native Texan, much of Trey’s career has focused on covering football, in addition to hoops, golf, soccer, and the Olympics. About 15 years ago, Trey caught the poker bug after the Moneymaker Miracle and has been crushing home games in LA since.


Alec Rome is a junior broadcast production student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He’s played poker from the age of five, starting with his stuffed animals, and is now the president of UNL Poker Club on campus. He enjoys playing NLHE, PLO, Stud, and 2-7 Lowball variants, and enjoys creating content around the game. In the future, Alec hopes to teach new generations or even get into poker commentary.


Christopher is a 20-year software engineer and certified cloud architect with extensive experience in information technology and building large complex technical solutions. He brings over eight years of technology management experience and adept at guiding multi-million dollar technology portfolios to on-time and on-budget conclusions. Christopher is also the Founder & CEO of Story Data IO, Big Data, A.I., and Blockchain solutions centered within the entertainment industry.



Amber Hergen has more than 12 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She has spearheaded numerous campaigns, product launches, and brand activations, which includes launches at E3, CES, and NYTF. With a passion for gaming and youth culture, Amber believes that a brand is only as successful as its audience engagement. She is excited to work with World College Poker to take collegiate poker to the next level.

Board of Advisors


Sharon Bailey Beckett is founding partner, Managing Director of Beckett Advisors, the North American research group focused on building customer resilience in sales organizations. She is an advisor to Private Equity fund managers, CEOs, and corporate senior managers representing a broad spectrum of industries and technologies-from early-stage companies to Fortune 500.
The Beckett Advisor teams under her leadership have helped organizations like Nickelodeon, The Smithsonian, Phillips Magnavox, and consumer packaged good manufacturers, refine their strategies, and experience organic growth in specific areas. Working with clients like BNSF Railroad, Beckett teams uncover ways to enhance operational efficiencies to boost performance.
She is the author of numerous articles for trade publications focused on industry trends and business expansion tactics and was co-author of Beckett Advisors’ suite of analytical protocols and market research tools. CEO’s and PE managers alike have credited these tools with significantly impacting their corporation’s bottom line.
Bailey Beckett served on the advisory board of Los Angeles-based manufacturer, Riedon, is a member of the Pasadena Angels, one of the most respected angel investment groups in the United States, where she has served on the Board of Directors, is a member of the advisory board for the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and has worked as an advisory board member for California’s largest business incubator-the Los Angeles Business Technology Center in Altadena, California.
In 2006, Sharon received a lifetime achievement award from President George H.W. Bush’s Council on Service and Civic Participation for her commitment to volunteerism.


Gayle Turner, Co-Founder and President, The Storytellers Channel, Inc believes we live into the stories we tell ourselves. Narrative has played a key role in his leadership of Richmond Theatre Company, Blue Flamingo Theatre, Sparks Advertising and Marketing, Sanders Consulting Group, and Beckett Advisors. He has lectured on marketing, communication, and innovation at the Business and Communication schools at Florida State, Longwood, and Virginia Commonwealth Universities. He has consulted with numerous start-ups throughout his business career, most recently serving on the faculty of RVA Works.