At Poker Powher, we want to teach all those who identify as female how to play poker. Because poker is super powerful. It deals mad skills to its players: confidence, strategic thinking, decision-making. It teaches you how to manage risk. Control emotions. Analyze data. Make decisions under pressure. It teaches you how to read people, how to compete, how to be fearless—and how to win it all. Come learn how to play poker with us.

Our expert women poker players will teach you how to play Texas Hold’em in an interactive, one-hour lessons over four, eight, or twelve-week sessions. You’ll get confident, fast. And the more you play, the better you’ll get, and the more confident, strategic, and successful you’ll be. Not just at the poker table—but at every table in life. Don’t just get invited to the boys’ game. Own it.



Jenny Just, co-founder of Chicago private investment and technology firm PEAK6, launched POKER POWHER to embolden women to win in business and life through the game of poker.


Our leaders are businesswomen and poker professionals, inspiring players to apply the skills of poker to every table they sit at — be it in the classroom or the boardroom.


What began as an initiative to teach high school girls leadership and confidence with the game has now expanded to teaching women of all ages.  POKER POWHER offers unique corporate programs, targeting women at all levels ofo their careers.  Your partnership with us allows us to bring this to the next generation of women leaders.


With media interest and public awareness of the challenges women face, especially around money and power, POKER POWHER’s simple idea has quickly gained traction.  We now oversee more than 70 virtual clubs across fifteen states and college campuses.

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