What is the age requirement to qualify to enter the 2020 Fall Brawl tournament?

To be eligible to compete a student must range in age from 18 years to 29 years old. A student must also have a valid Student ID and currently attend a University, College, or Vocational School in the US territories and Canada for the school year 2020/2021.

If you enter the tournament under false ID’s or information, you will be disqualified. So be sure to follow our rules for registration to compete and have a chance at winning an assortment of amazing prizes.

How much does it cost to enter?

Zip. Nada. Zero. There is NO ENTRY FEE. It is 100% free.

What do I win if I capture the FALL BRAWL title?

You will take home the Championship Belt as well as an assortment of prizes from our sponsors. You will also get your very own Personal Avatar created to use on the PokerBros platform for future games and events.

How do I enter a tournament for my college’s region?

It’s easy. Click through here to our registration module for the specific event you are entering on your cell phone or through our website. You can also click on the region your college resides in on our home page for the FALL BRAWL.

The registration can be found at worldcollegepoker.com. Simply apply and complete the info required to compete in the appropriate event.

What is the tournament format?

The US and Canadian territories are divided into 2 regions for the FALL BRAWL – East & West. You will compete in the region where your College, University or School is located. You do not base your entry on your physical location or home.

When is the WCP East – West regional events being hosted on PokerBros?

Round One – Dec. 5 & 6

Dates: West Coast Event December 5 and will play down to 4 players
Dates: East Coast Event December 6 and will play down to 4 players

Once you register you will receive an email directing you to the sign-in instructions for the appropriate WCP Club to compete.

When is the final table for the WCP FALL BRAWL Championship?

The final table will be held on December the 12th on the PokerBros platform. More information will be announced on our social media. So, don’t forget to follow us now!

I’ve never played poker. Can I enter?

Of course. It’s time to learn. Google the Chris Moneymaker story. He was not a professional player but was an avid learner who loved poker. He played home games with friends as well as online tournaments. He qualified for the WSOP 2003 Main Event in a satellite online and the rest is history. So, anybody can learn, and be successful. And most importantly have fun!

I want to learn more about multi-table tournament strategy to get a leg up on my competition.

These days there is a ton of information online from a number of very successful players. We have a number of amazing players (world champions) right here on the WCP website. They’ve won major titles and millions of dollars playing in tournaments around the world and online.

Click here to visit our EDU section. There is plenty of help there to get you started.

And if you are an advanced player, take advantage of the superstars we have sharing information with our WCP members. There are videos, blogs, hand breakdowns, training sites, and so much more.

Where can I find the WCP on Social Media?

How secure is the PokerBros platform?

Extremely. They care about the integrity of the game and its players. Click here for more info.

Has the RNG (Random Number Generator) for PokerBros been tested and certified?

Yes. Click here for more info.

How do I receive my prize(s) if I win one?

Before any prizes are awarded for any of our winners, they will be required to send proof of college enrollment for 2020/2021. We will provide you with a list of the information we need, and we will follow up with your institution. After you have been verified, we will send your prize after consulting with you the best way to send it by USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Please allow up to 30 days to verify student enrollment as well as to post the prizes to the address of your choice.

Can I enter the FALL BRAWL championship more than once?

You may only enter once for the region that your college resides in: East or West. If for some reason you have entered twice under a different alias, you will be banned from all WCP events and not allowed to compete in the future. Be aware. PokerBros software and security can trace users from their unique IP addresses. Please be fair and courteous to your fellow competitors.

How can I help? Is there an affiliate program? I want to help spread the word to my poker playing friends.

Yes. Please click here for more info. We will be rewarding the top three students who recommend the most friends with special prizes, etc.

What’s the next event for World College Poker?

We plan to hold our Global regional championships beginning in March of 2021. The first major global event will be the US & Canadian Championships. Check our Tournament Tab for more info as it is available. The global regional events will culminate in a live WCP final table somewhere on the planet.* Stay tuned for more info! *(COVID Permitting)

What does the WCP and PokerBros do with my private information?

We do not share it with any outside vendors or companies in any shape or form. Your private information is safe with us. (see Terms & Conditions)

How do I contact support if I have any questions?

Please email us at support@worldcollegepoker.com